Tuesday, February 25

Time Programme Name and Description
08:55 hrs. Sign On, Morning News
10:00 hrs. Live! With Kelly and Ryan
11:00 hrs. Let’s Make a Deal
12:00 hrs. The View
13:00 hrs. Prime News
13:30 hrs. The Young and the Restless
14:30 hrs. The Bold and the Beautiful
15:00 hrs. The Talk
16:00 hrs. Highway to Heaven 
17:00 hrs. Smallville
18:00 hrs. World News
18:30 hrs. Common Knowledge
19:00 hrs. Greetings and Announcements
19:55 hrs. Issues of the People with Dr. V. Ramayya (LIVE Paid Programme)
21:00 hrs. The Good Doctor


Dr. Shaun Murphy confesses, but the results are not desirable. Then, he performs an autopsy on a Jane Doe.


21:43 hrs. The Rookie

Day of Death

Officer Nolan and the entire team are in a desperate search to rescue Officer Chen after her abduction and must attempt to get Rosalind to help them in their search. Meanwhile, after Officer Lopez discovers Wesley unconscious from a dangerous cocktail of alcohol and pills, she is forced to keep him close by.


22:30 hrs. Movie:
00:00 hrs. Sign Off

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